Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre / Renato Rizzi
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Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre / Renato Rizzi

Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre / Renato Rizzi

July 18

The Baltic city of Gdansk houses the newly built theater, whose impressive castle-like black brick facades already made it a landmark. But it is only by the time you'd enter the warm, elegant interior spaces, complete with bright wood finishes, that you could witness the full scope of this unique building.

the Baltic city had already known at the beginning of the seventeenth century the wooden building of the Elizabethan Theatre. After about four centuries builds the new theatre on the same place, but in an urban and landscape context completely different, restarting from their archaeological traces found of that far away presence.

The theatre from the northwest, with the fly towerleft of the main block

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre (PolishGdański Teatr Szekspirowski) is a Shakespearean theatre in Gdańsk, Poland. It is built on the site of a 17th-century theatre, known as the Fencing School, where English travelling players performed works of English Renaissance theatre. The leading figure in the project to construct the new theatre is Jerzy Limon,[1] a founder of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival.[2] It has been built by architect Renato Rizzi in the light of Limon’s research which suggests that the Fencing School was modelled on the Fortune Playhouse in London. Though not an attempt at an exact reproduction, the new theatre combines elements from the design of these earlier theatres with modern technology.[3] It opened in September 2014.

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